Invisible Labour

In search of invisible labour. Which is always visible but a structure which never identifies this activity in a payable format. Object has its own narrative of origin and utility, but individual size and design of an object depends on geographical and cultural location. Even a personal interaction may define another story of utilising an […]

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HO** in Kustia

With You I am I was I … may will be with you… …y Understanding a landscape from a memory of loneliness and purity of physical and cerebral experience; experience that defines the similarity of land and human behaviour just after the invisible wall of solid history, liquidity of tastes and smells. Touches of warm […]

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A Dialogue Within & Ongoing|| Conflicting 322 Project – Curator and Artist

A Dialogue Within & Ongoing| #conflicting322 with Milton B. , Kaur ChiMuk• Saturday, June 17, 2017 #showmustgoon Hi, Milton, intentionally avoiding the formal introduction here. We expect that viewer will find you out from their own interest area, if they want to know more formally…(smile) about artist Milton. so better come to the point… tell […]

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The Third Eye Project

The Third Eye Project is A video on durational performance. After spending certain years in academia art practice I thought to question on the thinking practice inside studio and expanding to public spaces. ” What will happen if I think and explore in front of public?” So it’s a prominent quarry I performed in 2013 […]

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